The tobacco industry has to meet approval standards which become stricter every year. So to help the industry conform to FDA, EU and Pyrolysis regulations, Ammeraal Beltech is committed to supplying halogen and nitrogen-free tobacco belts. Our belts improve the process performance, lead to greater process reliability and increase throughput.

In addition, we offer solutions which incorporate a complete range of process and conveyor belts for green leaf, as well as for primary processing through to secondary manufacturing.

Tobacco industry product features:

  • Highly resistant to chemicals
  • Free of halogen, nitrogen and sulphur compound
  • Low noise and easy to clean
  • Less maintenance, guaranteeing long service life
  • High and low friction or profiled surfaces

All in all, the experience and knowledge we’ve gained along with valuable support from all the major equipment manufacturers, has enabled us to develop one of the most concentrated product ranges for the tobacco industry.


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Support online